Rio de Janeiro could host the second Major in 2022

According to Elena Mehrlich, an eSports journalist, there are plans for Rio de Janeiro to host a Major in 2022. He adds that the organizer of the tournament would be ESL. So the name would be IEM Rio Valve Major. The Brazilian city was going to host the 2020 Major, but the pandemic prevented it. For this reason, and because of the great passion for CS: GO in this country, Brazilians deserve to host an event of this importance.

eSports has confirmed that Valve plans to hold the October Major in Rio de Janeiro. IEM Rio Valve Major would be the name of the event. And would be held from October 31 to November 13, being the second Major of the year. The first would have to be held from May 9 to 22, but information related to it is still lacking. ESL would be the organizer of the great CS: GO party after those organized by StarLadder and PGL. The German company has been since the 2019 Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Katowice Major without being the host.

As mentioned in the news published by eSports, the name change of the Major is due to the update of ESL and Intel that began this year and ends with IEM Katowice 2025. With this renewal, the tournaments of the circuit of ESL Pro Tour that do not take place in a league format are called IEM.

The pandemic “stole” a Major from Rio de Janeiro in 2020

ESL announced the 2022 circuit in September of last year. In that announcement, the company confirmed that the Rio Major was “under consideration by Valve for 2022.” It must be remembered that Rio de Janeiro was going to host the 2020 Major under the name ESL One: Rio 2020. But the coronavirus pandemic deprived Brazilians of it. Due to the health crisis, all the 2020 events had to be canceled, but Brazilians look back on that Major with real helplessness.

Since then, Cariocas and many CS: GO fans have asked for the celebration of a Major in this venue through social networks. The news has fallen from the sky for his followers and can be seen on social networks.

Brazilians are usually staunch fans of Valve’s shooter, and they show it wherever they go. Coldzera, FalleN, TACO, Fer, and Lincoln, among others, are true legends of CS: GO, which makes Brazil a country with a long history within the shooter. In 2022 the Last Dance has been formed bringing together three of those legends with VINI and Boltz, FURIA has a great team, and 00Nation has been reinforced. Can you imagine a stadium full of Brazilians cheering on a team from their country in the Major? It happened at the 2021 Stockholm Major with a few of them.


Author: Ronnie Neal