Pokémon Unite: top 5 tier list of the current patch

Pokémon Unite is by far one of the most fun games that we’ve ever played from the Pokémon universe. On top of being very fun though it is also very well balanced and strategic in nature which is why so many players have decided to look for the best characters to use to win as much as possible.

So, in honor of this rather awesome game we decided to create our very own tier list showcasing the additions to your team that are sure to help you win more than ever before. So, let’s just start off with:


Not only is Venusaur amazing at solo matches, but he is also one of the best Pokémon in the game when it comes to scoring as many points as possible.

Thanks to his Petal Dance, he is very hard to actually take down, and because of his high speed and the fact that he doesn’t need to farm the whole time or take over the whole lane to survive, he is one of the strongest characters in the game especially during those early stages of the game.

It can practically take on any role, or it can just solo through the match all on his own, you decide.


This character has been considered one of the absolute best in the game for quite some time now, and although he has been nerfed quite a lot as of late, he is still one of the best characters in the game.

He is very fast and very damaging, and especially during those early stages of the match he is practically unstoppable.


The funniest thing about Garchomp is the fact that he was actually considered to be bottom tier at first, but after he was buffed around a bit he instantly because an S-tier choice.

Thanks to his Dig and Dragon Rush builds, you can easily take down any character in the game, he is practically one of the best carries in the current meta for sure because of it.


Everyone knows that Greninja is one of the best attackers in the game, and that is all thanks to his Water Shuriken builds.

Surf is also a very good addition to his playstyle, making him very deadly from up close against most other characters in the game. Although he’s not technically an S-tier character according to most, if you use him correctly, he can easily take down most other S-tiers in the game.


Yet another incredible S-tier choice right here, the only real downfall of this character is the fact that it is nowhere near as powerful as it could be during that early game sequence.

Because of this you are better off playing jungle farm during those first couple of minutes. Make sure to keep away from any dangerous situations during that time and invest into Pyro Ball and Blaze Kick as soon as you can to completely decimate any other character in the game thanks to your mobility alone.

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Author: Ronnie Neal