Fortnite Australian Open summer smash returns January 30

Did you know that this year, the competitive scene for Fortnite is finally making a comeback? It will happen on January the 30th at the Australian Open where an invitational $100k Duos Tournament will take place.

Fortnite has been working a lot with the Australian Open administrators since 2019 when the first AO Summer Smash happened, and they’ve been working their way towards announcing another one this year as well.

Back then, it was Australia’s X2Twins Jesse that won the first-place prize of $100k USD, and he was quickly followed by Breso, yet another incredible Australian player, that managed to take the next $100k.


2021’s event was supposed to be bigger than ever before, featuring a lot more players and a lot tougher of a competition but alas, it wasn’t meant to be as the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t allow for any events to actually take place.

Recently however, Epic Games posted on their Twitter that they will finally have the next AO Summer Smash collaboration happen on January the 30th, and we’re here to discuss everything that we know about it so far.

The original news was reported to us by Fortnite’s ANZ Twitter account which is their official account for all of the Australian and New Zeeland players out there.

As was the case in previous years, this event will also have a total prize pool of $100k USD for the first place, and it will be an online duos invitational competition as well.

Because of the long await that the community had to endure for this event to finally come back, we can expect some of the world’s finest Fortnite players to be coming in to get that victory royale, and who can blame them really?

It is $100k USD that we’re talking about here, but that’s not all. We don’t know exactly how the prize distribution will be spread across the players, though, whether it will be $100k USD for the number one spot or if it will be for example spread across the top 3 teams.

What we do know however is that besides the money that the players will get, the winners will also get to choose a charity and give away a certain amount to it that they choose.

So far, according to the official statement, it doesn’t seem like they know how this will be structured as of yet, it more so looks like they’re waiting for the community to make their demands and then work off of those.

We also don’t know who will be participating in the event as of yet, although there are definitely a lot of speculations going around regarding the appearance of X2Twins, Looter, Jynx and Oatley.

Regardless of who ends up playing in this tournament we can already expect the event to be super hype and as we’ve come to expect from the aforementioned top Australian players, there’s just no way that this won’t be a super intense tournament to say the least. 

Author: Ronnie Neal