Fortnite x League of Legends introduces VI as playable character

In case you didn’t know by now, VI, one of the most popular characters in the history of League of Legends, has recently been hinted at making an appearance in Fortnite. Although we didn’t know at the time when the character would be brought into the roster, we finally have the confirmation that we’ve all been waiting for now.

VI should be in the game as we speak, and this isn’t the only character that is making their debut in the Fortnite scene.

We also have characters from Cobra Kai, Spider-Man, Hawkeye and even Gears of War now parading around in game, and as time moves on and Chapter 3 gets more and more updates, we are sure to get even more amazing cameos.

Epic and Riot Games have pretty much been hinting at another collaboration for quite some time now, after the blaring success that was bringing Jing into the Battle Royale.

This was meant to be a promotional piece for Netflix’s Arcane, and despite the fact that at the time the two brands said that this would be their only collaboration, Jinx’s sister is now in the game as we speak.

Jinx has been one of the most popular characters in League of Legends which is why it was so shocking and exciting to see her come in the Fortnite world.

Along with VI however we also have a plethora of different cosmetic choices to pick from, including the base skin and a special Emote that only she has. Besides this she also has her very own Pickaxe and Back Bling, and if you buy the full bundle then you will also receive the Piltover’s Finest Loading Screen as well.

If that weren’t enough, the game also offers a ton of other cosmetic choices that you can pick from, with the most popular of them all being:

  • The Classic Arcane VI Outfit
  • The Memories of Zaun Back Bling
  • The Piltover Warden Hammer Axe
  • The Punching Practice Emote
  • Piltover’s Finest Loading Screen, which you can only get if you actually buy the bundle as opposed to buying every item separately.

If you just recently started playing and you feel sad that you didn’t get the Jinx costume then don’t worry, because Fortnite is bringing it back as well. So you will be able to get both Jinx and VI at the same time, or you can choose only the items that you want from the game.

Not only that, but actually seeing the success that their past collaboration brought to both the companies, let’s just say that things are definitely going to change for the better for the two.

For starters, all of the Riot Games titles can now be purchased directly from the Epic Games Store, which is a good indicator that for the future we will be getting more and more League of Legends characters in Fortnite.

Who would you like to see be added next? There are so many incredible characters that we just can’t decide to be honest, but what would you prefer?


Author: Ronnie Neal