Dota 2: Mid lane heroes to beat Kunkka in the laning stage

Without a doubt, Kunkka is by far one of the most overpowered mid laners in the whole game and that’s a fact. Sure, Dota 2 is a very well-crafted game in which most heroes are balanced in one way or another, but that doesn’t stop Kunkka from being absolutely devastating on the playfield.

So, in today’s guide we decided to offer you a quick display of the six mid lane heroes that you can use to counterpick Kunkka and get that easy win in the 1v1. So, without further ado, let’s start off with our first pick of the day:

Death Prophet


Death Prophet should be an instant pick for you if you want to win the lane right off the bat. Kunkka is the type of a character that continues to attack you non-stop, forcing you to use your health regen early on in the set.

But this is where DP shines as he can use his Spirit Siphon ability to attack Kunkka while also healing himself at the same time. On top of that, as DP you can also use the nuke to just completely obliterate Kunkka on the battlefield.


Batrider is pretty much the undisputed king of 1v1s because no matter what lane you’re on, you can pretty much guarantee a win with Batrider by your side.

The cool thing about Batrider is that although at the beginning of the set he is pretty weak, he quickly gets stronger and stronger to the point where his Firefly ability can easily take down Kunkka.

Ember Spirit

While there are plenty of characters that can easily take down Ember Spirit in the mid lane, Kunkka isn’t one of them so you’ll be able to destroy him at any point in the game.

Ember Spirit is a physical damage type of a character, but on top of that he can also use magical damage because of Flameguard. These abilities alone make for a horrifying combo against Kunkka to say the least.


Venomancer is a super annoying character to play against because he actually deals damage over time, which means that after you brawl against him you will be forced to use a lot of HP regen items which will drain your gold in no time.


Since Kunkka has around 1,000 HP he is very hard to beat during the early stages of the game, since most characters can’t one shot him and instead have to run away from him.

Leshrac though has no such faults as he can easily deal a ton of damage at once and on top of that he can continue to attack him for a long time thanks to his high mana reserve.


Doom is a great counterpick because he can farm very quickly, and on top of that he can easily take down Kunkka once he reaches level six. His ultimate is very powerful, and when paired with Infernal Blade and Scorched Earth, let’s just say that Kunkka is a literally gone the second this happens.

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Author: Ronnie Neal